Eyebrow Threading

by mathhbratt


I have decided now that I am finished with school (again) that I would like to try something new (beyond food) every weekend in 2014.

I started small and cheap. I got my eyebrows threaded! My last two and a half years’ schedule was beyond overwhelming, and one of the many things to get dropped by the wayside was the maintenance of my eyebrows. Once  my schedule became more breathable, it was time to do something about those eyebrows! Instead of plucking or waxing, I opted to be adventuresome and to try getting them threaded.

With this being a new experience, I really did not know what to expect. When I walked into the shop, there was no receptionist to check me in. There was just the threading woman standing there waiting for me and pointing at the chair. No sooner than I sat down, she started running the threads across my brow. (I had thought there’d be some kind of consultation, but she seemed to know what she was doing, so I just went with it.)

The top areas did not hurt at all. In fact, it almost felt kind of good. The sound all of those hairs being pulled from the roots at one time was not all that pleasant, but the process was very quick, and it all felt very bearable. “Hold!,” she said.


“Hold!,” she said again as she positioned my hands on my forehead and eye. Apparently, I was supposed to pull my forehead up when holding my eyelid down to create a taut under brow area for her to rip out the strays. This part was somewhat painful. Granted, it wasn’t as painful as plucking without holding that area taut, but it was painful. This is when my eyes started to tear up, but I concentrated on wiggling my toes and took it like I was at the dentist.

Finally, she asked, “thick or thin?” I could see no mirrors and had no idea where we were at in the process, but her eyebrows were lovely, so I decided to trust her and let her make the call. “Medium,” she decided.  This led to more under brow ripping. (Oh why did I not opt for thick and be done with it?)  When she finally finished, I looked in the mirror. One brow had a distinct Eddie Munster point to it. I pointed out the point (sorry, I couldn’t resist!), and she fixed it. My brow flesh was a little puffy but not quite red yet.

The new brows were a bit shocking at first. The puffiness made them look even stranger. I decided to pay and go about my day of fun with a friend. The redness set in just in time for the salesgirl at the shoe store to comment on it, but oh well. Once I wasn’t red anymore, I decided that I am happy with my brows. However, the shop I went to was not very clean; so I am not likely to go back there. Hopefully, I will do a good job of maintaining them by plucking. If not, I will probably go back to waxing. I’m not sure.  In any case, this was a new adventure, and I am glad that I tried it. 🙂