Restorative Yoga With Aromatherapy

by mathhbratt

Ahhhhhhhhhh…. What a great experience!

I was not sure what to expect going in. I heard that I’d “receive the pose” and that there’d be essential oils involved, but I didn’t really know what that would materialize as.

It all started with running late to get there. Here I was trying to go do something relaxing, and I was stressed out driving to try and shave as many minutes off of my lateness as I could without driving so fast that I would be risking an accident. (People here drive 80-90mph. For me, this “fast” speed I speak of was 69-72mph, because I don’t feel comfortable driving much more than that over what is legal despite what is normal.) When I finally arrived, the only spot left to park in had some “reserved” sign on it. I hoped the reservation was mine, took the spot, and rushed inside. Thankfully, my friends had completed all of my set up for me, and I had a moment to catch my breath before we got started.

This moment gave me a chance to take in my surroundings. The studio was so pretty. It reminded me of a loft apartment we used to have, only much, much larger. The floors were wood, the windows were enormous, and there were candles everywhere. In fact, the only lighting was that brought forth from the candles. What an incredible vibe! I loved it so much. There were quite a few people there, but their contribution to the ambiance was quiet. Everyone contributed to the overall, calm, quiet feel of the environment. It was wonderful.

When the instructor started talking, I feared that I would make a fool out of myself in more than one way as I tried to look like I knew what I was doing. Thankfully, my friend, Kim, has done this enough times that I could just look to her and do what she was doing if there was an instruction I missed or did not understand. The instructor’s manner of speaking was very calm and pleasing, and I enjoyed listening to her very much.

The poses were simple. One of the poses was very familiar to me. It was a simple spine twist that involves laying down with one leg across the body while the arms are flat out at shoulder level. The difference between this pose and the one I’m used to was that this one involved using bolsters to hold the draped leg up to where the stretch was comfortable and not “too much.” We were on mats and blankets. Everything was supported in some way. While I could feel the stretching, I was not using my strength or energy to do any of it. Granted, I did put myself in the position, but once there, I was held in the position by the bolsters and such.

Now is all of this was not enough, something even more wonderful happened. As we posed in our various positions and laid there concentrating on our breathing, the instructor and another massage therapist walked around the room giving us massages. Imagine laying in the position described above and having somebody come by and massage your outstretched arms and hands, then massaging your feet and outstretched leg and even your stretching hip. Add to this warmed essential oils on their hands, and it was just heavenly. During one of the poses, my head received the most enjoyable little massage. I felt the relaxation flow through my entire body. The natural scents were very mild, and I didn’t want to have to shower the next day before work, because I wanted to continue to enjoy the wonderful aromatherapy that was coming home with me. (This from a person who despises synthetic fragrances of all kinds. It turns out that fragrance is good if it is natural.)

All of this took around ninety minutes. I didn’t want it to ever end. I kept thinking that the entire experience felt like something I should not be able to afford. The class was $40 and came with a goodie bag to take home. The experience felt like it should have cost three times that much. I’m so glad it didn’t though, because I am hoping to do this again and again. It was just what I needed right when I needed it, and if not for my quest to try new things this year, I might have missed out on this truly awesome offering. I am looking forward to the next time I can take advantage of it. ahhhhhhh….