Home Sweet Home?

by mathhbratt

Traveling uses up all my spoons (see But You Don’t Look Sick dot com ). I got home from three weeks away Friday night. I am still transitioning back to “normal” life.

The flight home was frustrating but also amusing. I’ll spare you the details regarding the MANY delays my one flight experienced and share with you the amusing part. I was reading a book by David Duchovny written in the first person of a cow who realized her fate on the family farm was being served on dinner plates. This cow, a pig, and a turkey worked together to fly to other countries (the cow to India to be a god, the pig to Israel to be too hated to be eaten, and the turkey to Turkey, cuz he’d probably be king of a country named after him). The amusing part was what happened in real life as I was reading this ridiculous story. In the story, the captain started speaking to the people on the airplane, and at that same moment, the captain started speaking on the plane I was on. In another part of the story, somebody coughed as the person behind me in real life started to cough. Similar things happened four times during the course of my 2-hour flight and reading this book. I know I am easily amused, so maybe it is just me who would get a kick out of something like this, but since it is probably just me reading my blog, I am writing it.

Anyway, since being home, I am trying to get used to sleeping my usual hours again. My goal is to be able to cope with reality again starting Tuesday. I am starting out light. I will go do a few things in my classroom, and my husband and I have an appointment that evening (more on that on Tuesday if I am allowed to talk about it on social media). Wednesday, I am meeting a friend who I need to reconnect with. She has two toddler boys, so I am hoping to have enough energy for that. We are going to three of my favorite places and then getting back in time for her boys to nap. I will likely only be out 2-3 hours, but I know it will feel like a lot more energy-wise. Thursday, I am meeting another friend during her lunch break to check out a new restaurant near her work. I might run a few errands after that, as there are many things in that town I love, but I don’t get out there often enough. We’ll see how I am feeling about that after lunch. Friday, I will probably put in four hours in my classroom. I would like to put in 3-4 hours per day 3-4 days per week until a couple of weeks before orientation.

A week or two before orientation, I will make myself work full shifts so that when orientation comes, I will not be too tired. Every year, orientation week is so draining. I love all that we learn and do during that week, but the new schedule after a lot of down time is so tiring! I miss out on a lot of the enjoyable parts of that week, because I am too busy fighting sleep. My hope is that if I force my body to adapt to those hours for a couple of weeks ahead of time, I might be able to be more energetic during that week. I hope!

Life is so taxing. Fibromyalgia does a lot to increase that tax. I am not letting that stop me, though. I must continue to move forward even though my biggest desire is to never ever leave my bedroom for anything ever.