Busy Week a Walk in the Park?

by mathhbratt

What a week! I planned two lunches and one dinner meeting with a different close friend at each. These friends are the kind of friends I can completely be myself in front of, so I didn’t think it’d be that big of a deal to see all three in the same week (especially considering I was out of state for almost a month). It turns out it was a bit too much. I can’t stop fretting over each visit and every little thing I said wrong or didn’t say or notice when I should have or this or that or the other thing. Thankfully, I can remind myself they all love me, and if I hurt any of their feelings, they will all forgive me. However, I’ve decided tomorrow I will not be leaving the house for even a minute. I am declaring it pajama/hermit day!

Also this week, my husband has decided to start playing Pokemon Go. At first, it totally freaked me out. I even made him clear the bathroom of Pokemons so I could take a bath. But, a nice perk to this strange game is that he is now much more willing to go on walks with me. And, he doesn’t spend the walk sighing and wanting to turn around to hurry up and go home. Woo!

Today, we decided to take Moo, because we haven’t taken her on a walk in quite awhile, and she has been begging us to let her adventure. We put her into the stroller, and off we went (Hubs leading the way in his hunt for Pokemons).


We walked to a local park to the pond we live on. There, we got to see some ducks. I thought Moo would be excited, because she loves to chatter at birds, but the size of these birds must have made her nervous, as she spent her time growling at them in a clear warning to stay away.

FullSizeRender 4

We passed many people out and about. Only about one in ten noticed there was a cat in my stroller. She made for interesting conversation, and I am sure more than one of them went home talking about the crazy cat lady strolling her cat through the park while following a 50-year-old man hunting Pokemons.

I contemplated the skate park, but I didn’t think Moo was up for that big of an adventure after having met her first flock of ducks.

FullSizeRender 3

On our way back, we found this super cool plant growing in our neighbor’s yard.