by mathhbratt

There is a lot of noise happening outside of my house right now. According to the police officer directing traffic (whose help my husband needed to get back to our house), three different construction companies are all working right outside our house on our tiny, little street. She said there was a scheduling mix up, and instead of doing something about it, all three companies with their giant trucks are trying to work around each other (on our TINY street!).

In addition to all of their noisy trucks and the tools they are using on the side of our house (new gas lines), I swear their trucks only move in reverse, because the back up beeps never stop! All morning long, I chanted “go away! go away! GO AWAY!” in my head. At 12:30, it got really quiet, but that only lasted half an hour. (aka lunch)

I decided to distract myself by playing an online dice game in a tournament. During the tournament, one of the men from outside pounded on my door. I decided if I had to endure their noise, they could endure waiting until my game was over to open the door for them. As I continued to play and to ignore their knocking, the door opened! I was about to freak out, but then I saw my husband coming in (with the two men following him). Here’s how the time in my house went down:

Guy #1: How you doing?

Me: (silently contemplating all the mean things I want to say to convey my frustration with their presence first outside now inside my home)

Guy #1 (after awkward silence and witnessing what I’m sure was total annoyance expressed on my face): Pretty noisy out there, huh?

Me: yeah

The two men and my husband go into the kitchen, and I hear them turning on the gas stove to make sure it works. They come out talking.

Guy #2: ….to get into the other apartments.

Husband: ….(something about the stove)

Guy #2: (still talking about the other apartments) We have to get into the other three apartments.

Me: We don’t manage the place.

Guy #2: If we can’t get into them, we will have to turn their gas off.

Me (wondering what kind of magic power this guy thinks I have that will allow me to get him into strangers’ apartments or why he continues to tell me about his problem): Will our gas work whether you shut the others off or not?

Guy #2: yes.

Me: Then it’s not our problem. (duh!! Why are you still standing here telling me about your problem that I can’t help you with and has nothing to do with me? Why are you still inside my house? go away!)

Meanwhile, the noise continues.