Social Anxiety

by mathhbratt

Friday night a good friend who I love and trust and know would never pass judgement on me said we should have cake at my house instead of at the restaurant my husband and I own. (This is because I told her I do not like to eat there on Saturdays because of how busy it is.) She would pick up the cake from our restaurant and bring it to our house. I would make coffee (something I am amazing at!). I imagined us sitting here, eating cake, sipping on coffee, and enjoying each others company and agreed. Then the nerves set in.

My house is more often a wreck than not. But, I know this friend loves me and would be fine with stepping over amazon boxes littering my floor and looking past the ring in the bowl of my toilet should she end up needing it during her visit (oh please don’t let her need the bathroom during her visit). She would also look past the kitchen surfaces all covered in dirty dishes and the scunge all over my stovetop (should she peer under all the pots on the stove to see it). She truly would just be happy to come hang out with me. That should be good enough for my mind to be at ease, right? Nope.

Saturday morning I procrastinated until just before noon. Surely six hours should be enough to tackle just the living room, kitchen, and bathroom, right? No need to worry about the bedrooms… I started by hanging a curtain on the window in the living room. Amazon brought it while I was still procrastinating, and I was eager to hang it. Thank God I was raised by a man who taught his daughters how to use power tools! I grabbed the level and the drill, a folding chair to stand on, and I got to work. The curtain was too long and was hanging over the air conditioner. I did not want to cut and sew it not only because of the work that would involve (especially since I do not own a sewing machine) but also because I might want to use that curtain on a different window someday or to pull the curtain over the A/C during the winter months. Thus, I used packing tape for a make shift hem, and it worked quite well. (I probably could have ironed out the box wrinkles, but, well…)


The kitchen is where I spent the bulk of my time. I was covered in sweat and only remembered to put shoes on after my feet and legs were aching. I had to use a butter knife to scrape the gunge off of the stove top. I spent probably half an hour alone on the window to the oven. And the dishes. OMG the dishes! There are only two of us living here, yet I did FOUR sinkfulls of dishes! How??? Why??? The floor too. Ugh. The floor. Thank God for my Norwex mop! That actually helped make the job bearable. (If you are not familiar with Norwex, in a nutshell: AWESOME!! The Norwex dusting mitt made it fun to dust my living room, and it took like three minutes!)

About 3/4 of the way through the kitchen, with the bathroom still left to contend with, I had to stop to deal with some stomach issues. Anxiety + heat + cleaning = bathroom time.

When I was just about finished with the kitchen, I had maybe thirty minutes left and still had a dirty bathroom, and by now I stunk to high heaven from all the sweating. My stomach was still very unhappy, so I texted my friend and cancelled.

So basically, I spent the day cleaning for a visit and then cancelled the visit, because I made myself sick cleaning. I am ridiculous!

ps: I did go take care of the bathroom, and with my Norwex bathroom mitt and toilet brush, it only took maybe 5-10 minutes. I really could have finished, taken a shower, and still visited my friend, but I was exhausted and sick, and I am not totally sure if my stomach is contagious or not.

pps: I do not sell Norwex. I am merely an incredibly happy customer who buys just about every new thing they put out. I know enough about the line to sell it, but selling it would involve planning parties and having customers and all the stuff I cannot do. My promotion of Norwex is solely out of my love for the product. I will leave it to you to find a representative near you. (I’d be happy to bless my representative by giving you her information, but that is completely up to you, and I will receive no benefit other than good karma by doing so. Her link is: )