How Moo Got Her Name

by mathhbratt

I have told this story so many times, I think it is time to blog it. Moo is my cat. She has markings (and a fat belly) like a holstein (black and white) cow. But her cow-ness is NOT how she got her name. That is actually a mere coincidence.


When Moo was a baby, she actually belonged to my daughter. Thus, it was my daughter who named her Moo. Why? Because chickens go moo!

Shortly before we got Moo, my daughter and I talked my husband into watching the movie “Goodburger” with us. He was very reluctant, but he begrudgingly complied. He did so with his arms folded across his chest and a scowl on his face with the occasional, “this movie is stupid!” escaping his lips. That is until the chicken/moo scene…

If you haven’t seen the movie (and I highly recommend you do), there is a character in the movie who is ridiculously stupid. He is lovable but a huge airhead. In one of the scenes, this lovable airhead is trying to challenge his friend to do something the friend does not want to do. So “airhead” asks his friend, “What? Are you chicken?” He then put his hands into his armpits and bounced his elbows up and down like wings, strutting around like a chicken, moving his head front and back like a chicken, and started saying, “Chicken! Moo! Moo!” (instead of “cluck cluck”).

For whatever reason, this is where my husband lost it. He laughed so hard he was hysterical. Tears were streaming out of his eyes, and he was practically on the floor from laughing so hard. This, of course, caused my daughter and myself to crack up laughing as well.

The rest of the movie went great, with my husband laughing at all the appropriate places and so glad he watched that stupid movie with us.

From that point on, “Chickens go moo” became my daughter’s favorite phrase (she even made us a refrigerator magnet of it, which I still have after over a decade).


Very shortly after this incident (within a week I think?), we got my daughter a kitten, and because she was so obsessed with “Chickens go moo,” she named the kitten Moo.

And that is the story behind my cat’s name. It really has nothing to do with looking like a cow at all, but the memory of that moment lives on with her every time I tell somebody how Moo got her name. 🙂

If you haven’t seen the movie, here is the clip I have referred to in this post:

And since this post is about Moo, I can’t resist but to post a her Facebook here: Yes. My cat has a Facebook. You may think that’s weird, but maybe I think it’s weird that yours does not. Ever stop to think about that?