When Grumpy, Give a Stranger a Sunflower

by mathhbratt

I seem to be having “one of those…” weeks! Today I left work fuming about something I have no control over. Instead of sharing my bad mood with others, and instead of drowning my sorrows in ice cream, I went to the florist on my way home, bought myself something pretty, and bought a sunflower for a lady I’ve never officially met and do not even know her name.

She is the local crossing guard I pass on my to/from work commute every day (I live by a public school). When I gave her the flower and told her how I appreciate how she is out there every day brightening everyone’s day, she cried.

While I did this, I was blocking traffic (right after school) in every direction! As I was leaving I expected dirty looks and horn honking, but instead, everyone waited patiently with smiles on their faces, a couple of them commenting on the nice gesture, which I am sure blessed her even more to see all these people happy to witness her being honored.

Do I feel any better about the stuff I left work angry about? Nope! But I did not pass on that whole “kick the dog” syndrome either. Somebody is going home from work today with a smile on her face, and I am hoping I can focus on that moment rather than the string of moments that sent me into my tizzy.

I do not have a photo of the sunflower arrangement. You will have to take my word for it that it was super gorgeous and amazing.


Here is the photo of the “something pretty” I bought instead of ice cream for myself: