Timmy Fell Down The Well Again

by mathhbratt

Just call Moo (my cat), Lassie! I swear she has panic attacks as bad as those suffered by humans. Forty minutes before my alarm was supposed to go off, I was awoken from a pretty restless “sleep,” to my cat throwing an hysterical fit. She was running from one side of the apartment to the other and into my room screaming as loud as she could. (And she is one of those really loud cats with a clear tone free from squeaks or scratchiness.) She reminded me of Lassie trying to tell somebody Timmy fell into the well. (Or was it Lassie telling Timmy somebody else fell into the well? I can’t remember. I think I was barely more than a toddler when I watched reruns of that show.) With all of Moo’s LOUD carrying on, I am surprised the neighbors did not send for help. (Not for lack of trying on Moo’s part.)

I tried calling her onto the bed so that maybe she would calm down and so that maybe I could try to find a minute’s sleep before my alarm went off, but she wasn’t having it and only got louder. I tried telling her to knock it off. That very much did NOT work! Finally, I threw a pillow in the general direction of the noise (not intending to hit her with it but to scare her off). And here is where my anxiety started…

I did not hear her run away. I did not hear her make her indignant sound that she makes when I don’t comply to her will. I heard nothing. Immediately, my brain had her knocked unconscious by my pillow throw (more like a wimpy lob, cuz I was both tired and had no desire to spike a pillow at her). I envisioned her passed out under the pillow, too unconscious to realize she was being suffocated by its billowiness. I tried to use reason to help myself see how incredibly ridiculous this scenario was, but I was not going to get any peace until I turned on a light and made sure she was okay (probably her plot in showing restraint in not audibly disdaining me after the pillow flew her way). There was definitely no chance of sleep after this, so I decided to get up.

Sure enough, there was nothing under my pillow but the floor. Moo was fine. The cause of her all out panic that could not have waited forty minutes for my alarm to go off? There were only a few morsels of food left in her bowl, and she surely would have starved to death in those forty minutes. She strategically threw her obnoxious fit of panic while she still had enough strength to do so. To wait for me to wake up would have been too late.

This was a great reminder to always fill her bowl before I go to bed. I skipped all of my bedtime rituals last night (beyond tired!!), but it was a grave mistake to think her bowl (3/4 full) was full enough for me to be able to sleep 7 hours without her withering away to a skeleton. I hope she doesn’t call the authorities on me for neglect!