Pi Day + Snow Day = Pajama Day

by mathhbratt

It is no secret I was very angry with the blizzard that came along and interrupted Pi Day! (There is a travel ban throughout the entire state.) I have spent since August coordinating this year’s Pi Off, and the snow made me have to bump it up a week. That might not seem like a big deal to the “normal” person, but I am not normal, and I am super cranky with Jack Frost right now!


Moo “helping” me pack…


I tried looking at the positive side. I mean, what better way to spend the day than hanging out with my cat, Moo, while wearing pajamas all day? Our fridge had plenty of ingredients in it to keep us fed. I didn’t lose any money from my paycheck for getting to hang out at home all day. And, this gave me an extra day to pack. (Oh yeah, I haven’t blogged about this yet, but we are moving!)


Random things from this year’s Pi Day:

Google Doodle ignored the day once again.

pi dayWhole Foods sent me this with a note at the bottom indicating it is good 3/14/17 only and that there are no rainchecks. (I wonder if I can talk them into creating something called a “snowcheck.”) Or did they do this simply because they knew about the blizzard and sending this email to me would cause me to go into a tizzy?

I emailed Whole Foods with my snowcheck idea. They don’t monitor emails at the address given to me, so I called their customer care line. That’s right, Pi Day (and the invention of snowchecks) is so important to me, I decided to talk to a real, live human about it!

3/19: I have been busy moving and procrastinating and not wanting to do anything, so now I will try to close this blog I started four days ago out….

Whole Foods called me back. The person called me “Marilynn” (instead of Karin) and said she called the Santa Fe store in Cirio (??) to tell them I would be coming in to take advantage of the offer. Um….??? How does Glastonbury store in Connecticut sound like Santa Fe and Cirio? Also, does Santa Fe have blizzards that create a travel ban for the entire state? Because that is what I told her about Connecticut. Sigh! This is why I do not like to talk to real, live humans.17309971_1469552469756223_9222184250765835251_o

On Pi Day I also baked a Pi! It was super delicious. It was pretty much just bread dough, olive oil, and garlic, but the garlic roasted as the loaf baked, and mmmmmm!!! My husband went pretty crazy over this thing. It didn’t even need butter or marinara or anything. It was just amazing.

That’s pretty much all I can remember of Pi Day now that it’s 3/19 and a whole other lot of stuff has happened. We found out we can’t afford movers, because they think it will take six hours to move a 2 bedroom apartment’s stuff to another place only 2 miles away. So we are recruiting humans from our real life to help us, and I am trying not to hyperventilate. Oh, and all that Pi Off stuff I planned? That is happening this Tuesday. Wednesday is a long day of professional development after already teaching from 8:30-1:00. And we move on Saturday (forecast: rain).

It is going to be an interesting week!