My New Car

by mathhbratt

Two years ago, I bought a new VW Beetle that was a TDI (aka diesel). A month after purchasing it, a huge scandal went down, and long story short: my vehicle was recalled.


My TDI (friend’s kid with me)

The recall process took a long time. I had hoped they would come up with a fix, so that was the option I chose. I would receive a free fix and a settlement. However, they were not able to come up with a fix, so I get a settlement. Ultimately, once all the dollars and cents were counted, I ended up getting paid about $2k to drive my diesel for two years! Can you even believe it? Who ever walks away from a new car purchase having gotten paid?

I was a bit disappointed, though, because I loved my car. 2017 Beetles are not available in standard transmissions, so I have to get used to driving an automatic. It is a scary and weird feeling when my car starts moving the second I take my foot off the break. My other car would only move when I told it to. This one wants to move all the time!

But anyway….

I wanted a hashtag pink Beetle, but those were limited edition, and I was about a month too late. sigh! So I ended up getting a Dune. I made sure it had all the bells and whistles of my diesel, but I also got a backup camera, because the convertibles have a terrible blind spot when the top is up.


My new Dune on a rainy day (I really need to take some photos with its top down in the sun!)

My sales lady, Maria, was a spitfire! I loved her so much! She has been selling cars for 32 years after having moved here from Italy. Anything I wanted, she got me. I had brought my TDI in for a service the day I saw her about the Dune, and she asked me if they gave me a loaner. They had not, and I was having a hard time planning my work commute the next morning. Hubby and I had landed on me waking him up for a ride, but it was going to be a hassle trying to coordinate our schedules. I didn’t want the VW service guy to give me a ride, because I am allergic to cologne. I didn’t tell Maria any of this. I didn’t have to.

The second Maria found out we didn’t have a loaner, she picked up her phone and called service and told them to give me a loaner. I could not hear the other side of the conversation, but Maria hung up on the person, smiled at me, and told me she would be right back, whispering, “I’ve got to go kick some….” Two minutes later, I heard Maria calling my name down the hall, and she was standing there with loaner keys and paperwork for me to fill out.

Maria also let me choose gifts from their merchandise area. I chose a silly flower for the vase and a keychain. I can’t see me walking around in a VW hat or shirt.

When I went to pick up my TDI from its service, I went over to see Maria to update her on my return date status (the day I am to return the TDI) and ask about a service credit getting transferred toward my purchase. Maria was out on a test drive, so I ended up talking to her sales manager. This was the end of March, and my return date is 4/20. He told me I’d have to buy the car by the end of March and that I could not store one of my two Beetles there until my return date. I smiled and nodded and waited to talk to Maria.

Maria told me I could definitely wait to buy my Dune on 4/20 but asked if I’d consider 3/31 so she could make a sales goal. She said she talked to the general manager, and he agreed they could store my TDI until my appointment. I did not need to have two cars insured, registered, etc. for three weeks. Since I was able to drop the insurance (my insurance agent assured me if anything happens to my car while in VW’s care, it is VW’s responsibility), I went ahead and went for it.

So now I am driving my Dune around town loving it, even though I miss my TDI. Hopefully the appointment on 4/20 goes well.