by mathhbratt

We moved residences at the end of last month. This was my 13th move as an adult with furniture. I lost count of all the moves before that, but since I didn’t really have to move a household myself, I don’t need to count them.

This one was the most stressful.

I don’t know why it was the most anxiety-ridden move. We only moved two miles away. We’ve had much scarier moves.

One scary move was from Idaho to South Dakota. I was running away from home and had pretty much lost my mind. I was in a full blown detachment from reality, because I was finally fleeing a 17-year long abusive relationship. I shut down on this one and did not allow myself to feel the panic of it. I only looked at the rose-colored garden ahead. Of course, this led to a depressive state like I had never experienced before, but eventually, I got through it.

During my South Dakota years, we moved several times within the same town. We used movers for most of them. This turned out to be a very good thing when my husband came down with Legionnaire’s Disease just in time for one of our moves.

Another scary move was from South Dakota to New York. We were moving to a state we had never even visited, had no jobs, knew nobody, and could only take what we could fit into our compact cars! Somehow I was at peace during this move as well. Moo wasn’t a super fan of three days in the car and two nights in hotels, but she persevered.

From New York came Connecticut. This was another move to a place we had never visited and knew nobody. But, this time I had a job lined up, and a UHaul. That helped. Shawn was still in school for the first several months, so I was pretty much living alone from August through March. I would go get him on long weekends and holidays, but otherwise, I had the place to myself. I didn’t think I could ever live alone, but I really grew during that time and developed a sense of independence I had never had before. (I was 40 years old!)

We moved from that place to another a couple of miles away, but that was anxiety-free. It was during summer vacation, and we were allowed to move over a two-week period. It was so much less overwhelming than other moves.

This most recent move? It should have been a piece of cake, but I spent all of it panicked. One problem with it was it was during the school year. We had to make it happen in a weekend. The problem with that was the 1st of the month happened on a weekend, so we needed to make it happen on the 25th. This did not prove to be easy. We looked into hiring movers, but they quoted us almost a thousand dollars! We reached out to our church, and they stepped up.


Moo just before the move

With my fibromyalgia, bursitis, tendonitis, and anxiety, and the fact my husband and I were bickering over every detail, we decided it’d be best if I let him deal with the move and I deal with the cleaning. I took Moo to my classroom to keep her out of the way, and I graded papers while Hubs and our church friends moved all of our stuff. He texted me when they finished, and a friend and I went to clean. It took us FOUR hours to clean a three bedroom apartment! I did not realize how dirty our place was until I looked at it through the eyes of a landlord considering whether or not to return our deposit.


Moo “helping” me grade papers in my classroom


Moo checking my classroom’s fire escape


Of course, the place we moved into needs a good cleaning, but I am still worn out almost a month later from cleaning the other place! We are still unpacking boxes, but it is becoming home.

Our first night here, the next door neighbors threw a very loud party late into the night. I texted my landlord about it (he was the landlord of the first place we had in CT, and we like him a lot), and he assured me he believed this to be a rare event, as those people have lived there for several years with no complaints. We did see birthday balloons and figured perhaps that was true. It just wasn’t how we envisioned our first night at our new place.


Moo in one of the new bedrooms


Moo claiming my yoga space


Moo looking for her new bird friend









So far, other than the “welcoming” party, we are very happy with the move. I miss the pond, and I miss MawMaw (neighbor lady who would plant flowers in our yard, just because), but I do not miss having somebody live above me; I do not miss having to park my car outside; and I do not miss having to share one bathroom.

(Dear anyone considering marriage: get two bathrooms! Imagine descending into a hot bath to soak away the day’s troubles and your spouse comes running into the bathroom with a Taco Bell emergency! Just get two bathrooms! Trust me on this!)

So yeah. We moved. I am starting to breathe again. I might post a video at some point, because the place turned out to be super cool for our price range. It even has brick walls on one side of the interior. It also has real wood floors! Real wood! Not that laminate stuff. And, we have a small deck, so once I purchase some pet gates to keep Moo from squeezing through the fence to our neighbors’ decks, she can get some outside time! Woot!