Travel + Virtual Book Club = Not Crying

by mathhbratt


I am WAY behind on blogging, and I keep feeling like it should be in order of events, and some events I’m not ready to blog yet, so I am getting backlogged (backblogged?). I owe you posts about my car accident (yes, that beautiful beast has been in the shop for six weeks!). I owe you posts about my amazing doughnut recipe! There’s a bunch more. I have photos in my phone waiting for me to sit down and do it, but my recovering brain (injured in the accident) keeps saying, “nope!”

I think I can tell yesterday’s story mostly in screen shots, so here we go. I’ll catch y’all up on other stuff when my brain is ready.

Yesterday I had to fly home from my daughter’s house after getting to spend two weeks loving on my gson. This day is normally the WORST! I hate leaving there and coming home and often spend that day crying. Yesterday worked out a bit differently than that. I had prayed/hoped for some amusing distractions to keep me from being sad. That’s exactly what happened!

A twitter friend recently pulled me into a DM about books. We sometimes (often) get off topic and it is sometimes (most often) my fault. This is what happened yesterday… (I’ve deleted friends’ names just in case anyone doesn’t want to be identified here. There are several people responsible for the gray in these, but the blue is all mine.)



You may have noticed, I am also showing book club posts. Cuz, why not? So this isn’t just my travel day, but also my book club day and a chance for you to see how awesome my friends are…


When I said, “almost school used a kitten today,” that was speak-to-text for, “almost squeezed a kitten to death.” Even Siri could not believe how horrifying that statement was.