Can I Ctrl Z Voicemail(s)?

by mathhbratt

Today was a lot like yesterday. I am missing chunks of time. I have been limiting myself to making doughnuts and dealing with one thing per day. Today’s thing was taking my car to the shop and getting a rental car. (I really probably should not be driving!!)

I don’t remember a lot of it other than getting ridiculously hungry and trying to use all my strength not to throw a fit at how long Enterprise was taking to get me my car, cuz I was without snack. The good news is, we opened our juice and smoothie bar today, so when I went to our restaurant to deal with doughnuts, I was able to get a protein smoothie. It turned out really good, and I super like the staff my hubby hired.

I came home after that and somehow lost an hour and a half. I do not know where it went. Then I made tonight’s doughnuts, cuz all the doughnuts sold out at lunch, and a woman had ordered a dozen to be picked up tonight.

That went pretty well. I don’t remember most of making the doughnuts or the glaze, or even assembling them, but it only took 2.5 hours, and they all looked great. I repeatedly checked her order to make sure I was getting all her choices correct. I accidentally made one too many of our quintessential glaze doughnuts, so I decided to treat myself and Hubs by splitting that one later. (This is why bakers dozens have 13 doughnuts. It’s always good to have extra in case something goes wrong.)

I had the doughnuts ready on time and decided to stay at the restaurant for dinner. I even got Hubs to join me. When I got home (I don’t remember the journey home), I checked the restaurant’s email. I had emailed the woman on hubby’s phone to let her know here doughnuts were ready and reminding her to pick them up before 8. When I was at home checking the email, I suddenly worried I had written them on the wrong day on my calendar. I spent today thinking it was Friday, but I think that’s cuz our Friday server worked today to cover for another server.

In reading the email, it looked like I made the doughnuts a day early. The email really said she’d be picking them up tonight to celebrate her husband’s birthday tomorrow morning. But I saw the 11th and panicked and left her a super long voicemail telling her I made them by mistake today and that if she’d take these ones and have them as day olds tomorrow, I’d give her a discount, but if she’d rather, I could sell these off to people and make her fresh ones tomorrow and to please call me by 8 to let me know which she’d prefer to do.

I vented about this to some twitter friends, and then I read the email again. This is when I realized it was correct in my calendar, and I was to make them tonight. Thus, I left her a SECOND lengthy voicemail telling her to ignore the first voicemail. Meanwhile, I had been trying to communicate all of this to my server through texting. This caused her to panic she gave the doughnuts to the wrong person, because it turns out that BEFORE I even called the woman, she had already picked up her doughnuts!

A frustrating element along with all the obvious frustrations in this situation is that I ALWAYS look at the security camera to check to see if somebody has picked up their doughnuts before I communicate anything to anybody. I didn’t even think to check the camera before emailing her. In fact, I forgot they even existed! I use them several times per day, every day! If I had used it tonight, I could have avoided TWO embarrassing voicemails to this customer who probably now thinks I am a lunatic. sigh!

One bright light in today is that the girl who made my smoothie misread the recipe and gave me three times the maca she should have. It turned out to give me a boost of energy and seriously help my mood. The extra energy caused me to try too hard with my brain, though, so I am quite headachey, but now I know if I need a temporary boost what I can do. I will save that for a desperate moment, though, because all that energy required energy, and I don’t think it was good for my brain, because my brain feels like I definitely overused it today.

Now I am hanging out with Moo, trying to calm and to rest my noggin.