I can’t Math anymore

by mathhbratt

I forgot to blog last night, and now I can’t remember much of yesterday. I do remember my doughnuts not cooperating. They kept not rising or they’d rise too much and flop. It was crazy. I ended up making well over a hundred doughnuts trying to get a dozen just right for a customer who pre-ordered them. Thankfully, they were still sellable, and Hubs was able to sell all of them, but still. The whole day ended up being all about doughnuts.

I’ve noticed that I am losing chunks of time. I dropped the rolling pin on the floor when my hands were full, and I couldn’t get to it right away. I made plans to pick it up, wash it, dry it, and put it back after I finished what my hands were full of, but then I found it in its place with no memory of doing any of that. This is one example of a bunch I can’t remember now, but I do remember hearing myself talking about losing chunks of time and giving examples.

Today I decided on extra rest. I was intentionally lazier than I have been. I did agree to go out to lunch. I’m always in charge of tip. To tip 20%, you move the decimal of the total one place to the left and double it. I usually round that number up to the nearest dollar. I do this on the final total after tax, so really I’m tipping between 20-25% on the food total. Anyway, this always happens in my brain instantly, and then I add the tip to the total, and the sum also happens in my brain in an instant. Today, that was not the case. While it took my only somewhat longer to determine what the tip should be, it took me significantly longer to find the sum of the ticket plus tip. Given that my profession is high school math teacher, this is VERY concerning!

Earlier in the day, Hubs asked me to figure something out. I can’t remember what it was, but apparently I told him, “I can’t math” when he asked me. He kept repeating that phrase at me, and I couldn’t figure out why. Apparently it was because I can’t grammar anymore either. (You should see how long I am spending editing these blogs and probably still not getting it right.)

At church tonight, I had to step out, because trying to read and sing at the same time, coupled with the volume of the music being too loud gave me a terrible headache. I’ve had this weird headache for weeks. Hard to describe. It’s warm but in a bad way. (I usually love warm.) Like my brain is surrounded in battery acid or I don’t know what.

Bright side is this week I should FINALLY see the neurologist! At this point I am just hoping something obvious will show up on a test and that they can start the tbi therapy so my brain can work again. At least figure out how to get my eyes to stop trying to play tricks if you can’t help me math and memory again.